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Everything that has been spoken.

snarl: Agreed, this track is svelte! Wooted.2013-07-20T00:25:12.902Z
Suiseiseki: !woot2013-07-20T00:25:12.590Z
Tino~ßiniĸi: Bye...zombies2013-07-19T23:23:01.120Z
Tino~ßiniĸi: c u...2013-07-19T23:13:45.433Z
DireMuffin: gents, it's been a pleasure. Toodles!2013-07-19T23:06:09.861Z
snarl: Hey @Deezy: this song has now been played 51 times, which puts it in the top 0.1% of all songs. Why not play something a little fresher?2013-07-19T22:50:49.098Z
Tino~ßiniĸi: thanks @devLost2013-07-19T22:33:26.312Z
DireMuffin: always. :D2013-07-19T22:33:18.959Z
DireMuffin: heck yeah!2013-07-19T22:33:15.922Z
Tino~ßiniĸi: Filling playlists @DireMuffin ^^2013-07-19T22:33:10.262Z
snarl: Agreed, this track is svelte! Wooted.2013-07-19T22:32:33.399Z
devLost: !awesome2013-07-19T22:32:32.957Z
DireMuffin: now I want to play it >.>2013-07-19T22:30:07.734Z
CrazyLittle: Yeah so next time somebody tries it should autoskip that song2013-07-19T22:26:45.642Z
DireMuffin: ah, gotcha2013-07-19T22:26:43.727Z
DireMuffin: testing snarl?2013-07-19T22:26:40.034Z
Tino~ßiniĸi: lol2013-07-19T22:26:40.030Z
Tino~ßiniĸi: he banned the track2013-07-19T22:26:39.991Z
DireMuffin: lmao2013-07-19T22:26:39.966Z
CrazyLittle: but since I'm staff it won't skip me2013-07-19T22:26:31.877Z
CrazyLittle: well if I catch a song that somebody else is playing I think snarll will blacklist it, and then skip2013-07-19T22:26:22.084Z
CrazyLittle: this is why- snarl: Yeah, that was a terrible track. Adding it to the list of banned tracks.2013-07-19T22:25:44.560Z
DireMuffin: why would you even?2013-07-19T22:25:30.919Z
CrazyLittle: !banthistrack2013-07-19T22:25:23.622Z
CrazyLittle: alright here comes another bad song2013-07-19T22:25:16.010Z
DireMuffin: later - I like my bear. ;)2013-07-19T22:24:53.163Z
Tino~ßiniĸi: try this2013-07-19T22:24:38.376Z
Tino~ßiniĸi: javascript: Models.user.changeAvatar (prompt ("halloween01"));2013-07-19T22:24:35.470Z
Tino~ßiniĸi: Sure available you can switch em with console2013-07-19T22:24:21.942Z
Tino~ßiniĸi: lol2013-07-19T22:24:10.671Z
DireMuffin: dammit snarl!2013-07-19T22:24:00.702Z
snarl: Yeah, that's what she said.2013-07-19T22:23:54.109Z
DireMuffin: it's a halloween one, so I don't know if it's still available2013-07-19T22:23:53.801Z
Tino~ßiniĸi: or 7k enough?2013-07-19T22:23:32.315Z
Tino~ßiniĸi: 15 k points to have it right ?2013-07-19T22:23:26.541Z
DireMuffin: :P2013-07-19T22:22:49.264Z
Tino~ßiniĸi: lol2013-07-19T22:22:43.835Z
Tino~ßiniĸi: ikr was joking2013-07-19T22:22:41.833Z
DireMuffin: Like, "Thriller" style.2013-07-19T22:22:24.579Z
DireMuffin: yeah, as a zombie!2013-07-19T22:22:18.497Z
Tino~ßiniĸi: damn I thought it was michael jackson ?2013-07-19T22:22:11.506Z
Tino~ßiniĸi: lol2013-07-19T22:21:45.421Z
DireMuffin: snap!2013-07-19T22:21:41.484Z
CrazyLittle: ur face is a zombie2013-07-19T22:21:36.972Z
Tino~ßiniĸi: Who would you talk to lol N2013-07-19T22:21:26.179Z
DireMuffin: lol - I can't help but point out that there is one zombie in the audience, and one DJing. ;)2013-07-19T22:21:24.459Z
Tino~ßiniĸi: Yes you can disagree. Just understand that I dont like to play with zombies2013-07-19T22:20:59.880Z
DireMuffin: meh, I disagree, but I don't think anyone's changing anyone else's mind.2013-07-19T22:17:35.380Z
Tino~ßiniĸi: get*2013-07-19T22:15:51.901Z
snarl: Yeah, that's what she said.2013-07-19T22:15:42.605Z